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Clients are experts in their own field which is usually not construction. Therefore, when the time comes to do any form of building work, they need help. 

Home Remodel

  Look Forward To Your Next Job  

Home Remodel

You’ve landed here because you’ve either bought my book or started researching upgrades to your home or premises and need some help. 

Years of experience has taught me that people have unsuccessful construction projects primarily due to the lack of planning. Either not doing it at all, or relying on others to do it for them, clients end up with a bad taste in their mouths for a variety of reasons: projects take too long or cost more money than anticipated. 

This doesn’t need to happen.

By doing the planning yourself (as described in “The Scope Statement”) or engaging me to consult on your construction project, expectations can be re-aligned by peeling back the layers required to execute the job correctly and applying the appropriate costs needed to do it. 

Stress levels are significantly reduced and you’re now actually looking forward to the next job, not dreading it.

Look forward to your next job



Image by Markus Spiske

Project Management:

  • Project Delivery Strategy.

  • Scope Statement. 

  • Budget assistance. 

  • Documentation for the full tender/bid process.

  • Procurement Management of all suppliers (consultants, builders, etc.)

  • Site meetings. 

  • Completion documentation. 

Contracts Administration/Management:

  • Assist with preparation of Contracts. 

  • Variation/Change Order Management. 

  • Rates will be dependent on the complexity of the job and the specific task(s) you need help with, so please contact me to discuss further. 

  • Preparation of a scope statement. 

  • Corresponding estimate. 

  • Review contractor proposals. 

  • Assist with progress payments. 

  • Liaise with suppliers.​​

  • Documentation for the full tender/bid process.

  • Procurement Management of all suppliers (consultants, builders, etc.)

Home Remodel
Home Remodel
The Scope Statement

By Damian Carroll

Home Remodel

Thinking about a home remodel?


Did you know that most customers spend at least 30% more than their original anticipated budget – sometimes a lot more? A good scope statement

can save you tons of time, money, and


​The Scope Statement aims to take the stress out of remodeling. Build your dream kitchen or relax in that beautiful, modern bathroom—for a price you know you can afford.

Our Work


Home Remodel
Mark G – Brisbane

I have known Damian since he started working in the industry and was greatly impressed by the way he conducted himself with both suppliers and clients. 
He had a first-class mentor who taught him the way the industry works, but his character and incredible work ethic was apparent from the beginning. 
There are still people I come across in the industry who, even after all these years, tell me he is one of the best Project Managers they have seen. 

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