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Home Renovation

I’ve worked in the construction industry for well over 15 years and have a lot of experience in working on both sides of the table – that is, for the client as well as the builder. I’ve also undertaken many home renovations of varying kinds. 

I was able to obtain a ‘formal’ education in the Construction industry via the world-renowned PMBOK system and its nine functions from a mentor who had seen it all. He was instrumental in teaching me how the system can be applied to the industry and

how it gives clients confidence that jobs can be completed on time and within


With major clients including the Australian Federal Government, in particular, the Tax Office and Customs agencies, I quickly learned that there was no substitute for the proper planning of any construction job. And that meant everything from the installation of a new door, to

brand new data centres, to new buildings irrespective of the size. 

Since moving to California in 2012, I worked for a Commercial General Contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing on all things interior: office build-outs, retail, restaurants and infrastructure upgrades.

The combination of these skillsets built up over the years gives me a unique understanding of the needs and difficulties of both the client and supplier(s).

Projects Worked On

ATO, Brisbane QLD, Australia – restack of entire building

ATO, Mt. Gravatt QLD, Australia – new data centre

ACS, Bowen QLD, Australia – new office

NSWPF, Sydney NSW, Australia – upgrades of police stations

Telstra, Brisbane QLD, Australia – refurbishment of building

Oaks Hotels & Resorts, Glenelg SA, Australia – refurbishment of Plaza Pier

Oaks Hotels & Resorts, Brisbane QLD, Australia – refurbishment of Festival & Felix receptions

Barossa Council, Barossa SA, Australia – capital works for public infrastructure

Home Renovation

Dept of Defence, Adelaide SA, Australia – restoration of heritage building

CRC Mining, Brisbane QLD, Australia – new research facility

Why the book and why this website?

Home Renovation
The Scope Statement

By Damian Carroll

Clients are experts in their own field which is usually not construction. Therefore, when the time comes to do any form of building work, they need help.

I am passionate about taking care of clients, ensuring they obtain the best result for a fair and reasonable price. This price must also ensure that the construction professionals, suppliers, etc., make a fair and reasonable profit for their efforts as well.

The difficulty in achieving this is usually a result of the gap in expectations between client and supplier.

Writing a scope statement and the corresponding budget aims to reduce this disparity and make the experience much less stressful than it ought to be.

Sometimes, that might also be advising the client to withdraw from the job and not go ahead.

I have written hundreds and hundreds of scopes and can tell you that a good scope statement can, and will, save your skin. They are written and presented to clients, builders, sub-trades, etc., in order to concisely tie the job together, and provide some peace-of-mind for all involved.

There are countless stories of how badly things can go without one – you don’t want to be the next one!!

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